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Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing to express my appreciation of the excellent services provided by two of your staffs, Mr. Joshua Craig and Mr. Ryan Swanson. Both Joshua and Ryan are skilled technicians with pleasant personality: friendly and polite. Although this is a routine home alarm system installation, the thoroughness of explaining the process and completeness of checking the work done speak for their dedication toward full customer satisfaction.

Mitch Skolnik

Davis, Home Owner 


I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for your excellent work on the UCD Bookstore. Mack got us signed off today on the final inspection. While not a large job, these always prove to be the most challenging and so, thanks again for not only your high quality work, but for your cooperative attitude and working with us in completing this project.

Jeff Harrison
Project Manager, Harrison Construction


You and your entire team were a pleasure to work with. The professionalism and positive attitude shown by you and your crews every time SSS was on the job was noticed and much appreciated. Thank you for taking good care of the School.

Thanks very much,

B. Hamilton
President, CH Build, Inc.


Dear Pam,

As I mentioned, I believe you had a tech visiting Aspen Village today to repair some electronics alarm wiring. Someone attempted to steal some of our media room equipment and thanks to your great service, the alarm sounded and sent the culprit away empty handed!

Thank you,

D. Sparks
Director, Residential Property Management


Dear Pam,

Thank you for the kind gift of chocolates and cookies…the facilities technicians enjoyed them very quickly. I appreciate your service and your staff as well and wish you continued success in 2011. If you need references, please feel free to use me.

Jonathan M
Supervisor, Ashcraft Facilities Services